FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon

14-16 February 2019

Mango rapid

Mango rapid Grade2  Risk2

26,3 km Spectator/Seconds: no Portage option: left
Lon 30.943163 Lat -29.786792
Also known as: Colorado
Few rapids have changed more in recent years than Mango rapid. Formed by debris and vegetation growth under the high bridge, the river has carved different lines down Mango Rapid, mainly around the central bridge pillar, which is where the danger lies. Avoid the pillar and lines to the left of it.
Nowadays the main flow is to the right of the bridge pillar. As you approach the bridge stay right, hugging the right after making the turn. There is one lateral wave to deal with before paddling away, having conquered the last rapid of the race!

ProTipDreyerMartin Dreyer

This is constantly changing. Go right of the big pillar in the middle of the river but keep well away from the pillar as even 1 metre away from the pillar there is a big suck back.  GFXMango
ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett There is a bit of rubble in this one and a few stoppers to look out for. Stay against the far right bank to avoid most of these but if you get it wrong it shouldn’t be a train smash because you’ll just end up in the pool at the bottom.
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