Marriott’s rapid Grade25 Risk3

24,5km Spectator/Seconds: no Portage option: left bank
In the midst of the fun section of river heading towards Inanda dam comes this right hand turn in the river around a big rockpile in the middle of the river.
There are decent options right and left, but stay away from the trouble associated with the rocks in the middle.
The best line at most levels is well right of centre, heading back to the centre once you have passed the main rapid to deal with the final drop, which has some rocky trouble on the extreme right.

ProTipDreyerMartin Dreyer

Not a big rapid, just follow the water. You probably won’t even know you’re in it.  GFXMarriotts

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

Stay in the right channel of the island, the left runs dry. In big water there won’t even be an island so straight over.