FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon

15-17 February 2018

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20 Nov 2017

Dear Dusi paddler,

SteveBothaThumbsUpCropMEET STEVE!
With heavy rain falling and the uMsindusi and uMngeni Rivers running full on the weekend, you can suddenly feel the FNB Dusi Fever in the air! Time to introduce myself…

I am Steve Botha, the new GM of NCC and the FNB Dusi. Many of you I will have met at the World Marathon Champs at Camps Drift, and others somewhere along the way on one of my 21 Dusis.

I am a passionate paddler, and I hope to use some of my personal experiences in previous Dusis to bring about small changes that I hope will make a big difference to your Dusi.

Small things like sorting out the take-out at the end of Day One to avoid the slip-sliding in the mud.
Like making sure you have access to a shower at the finish of each stage.
Like ensuring there is enough ice cold water and juice for every paddler at every water point.


We are working closely with Umgeni Water to deal with the Day Three water situation, and the heavy rains we are experiencing this week will definitely help that discussion!

We have a great band of sponsors, and the team at First National Bank is passionate about making the 2018 race one to remember.

What we would like you to do is Commit40

Get your entry in early and be part of the FNB Dusi hard core that are amongst the first onto the confirmed entry list.

To make that even more attractive, we are running an awesome Early Bird entry competition that has a fantastic prize. Get your entry in before 15 December and I could be calling you to give you the good news.

Please remember that I am just a phone call or an email away if you have any ideas or suggestions.

We are updating the website with the weekly water quality test results from DUCT here so that you know all the facts, all the time.

The seeding rules have been finalised, together with the seeding races – and there have been some important changes, with the cancellation of the Umpetha Challenge and the moving of the 50 Miler to the new year. Read more here. The Ozzie Gladwin this weekend has been moved to the Umpetha course and is all the more important, with a Henley release assured!

Online entries are now open through the NCC Portal here with seniors paying R1160 per paddle and juniors R700.

To reward the paddlers willing to #Commit early we are offering on e lucky paddler an awesome prize of:
– A free race entry tGara300o the 2018 FNB Dusi
– An FNB Dusi Rashvest
– A GARA paddle of your choice with the shaft in designer FNB turquoise. This will be a split shaft paddle with a paddle bag! Ken and the Gara crew will discuss the winners needs and tailor the paddle blades and shaft precisely to his/her needs.
Entries must be received and processed BEFORE 15 December 2017 to be eligible for the prize.
We are really excited to bring on your most memorable FNB Dusi ever! #Commit!

St#WeGetWhyYouPaddle40eve Botha
Dusi GM

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