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17 October 2019

Hi Paddler,

While our finest do battle in Shaoxing in China at the World Marathon Champs, back home Dusi season has started!!

First things first. The 2020 Dusi is ON! 27 to 29 FEBRUARY

After last year’s race we planned to move it a few weeks later in the season, to side-step the first big summer storms and the inevitable raised E.coli levels.

It also moves us a few weeks further into the year and away from the beginning of the year back-to-work and back-to-school pressures!

All of us are fully aware of the oil and caustic soda spill of August the 13th, and the devastating effect it had on the Baynespruit and Msundusi Rivers.

As Faye Brownlee of DUCT said at the time “never waste a good disaster”.

What this calamity has done is galvanis the serious role players together to start serious work on addressing the major underlying issues, and we are making progress!

While it will take years for the river system to recover from the fish-kill and loss of mico-organisms, the Ph levels have normalised, and the clean-up of the surface spills has been very effective.

The E.coli levels remain a concern. But then this has been a reality of the Dusi since the seventies. What we as paddlers need to do is stay fully informed of the latest Dusi water readings, which are uploaded in the middle of each week here [].

They key sites are Camps Drift, above the Refuse Dump and lower down at the Motocross Weir.

The Baynespruit comes into the Dusi below Taxi Rapid, so factor that into any decision making you plan.

The Dusi season proper starts next weekend with the Umpetha Challenge, from Camps Drift down the Dusi (on a release from Henley Dam), a portage at Taxi Rapid and then to the Braai takeout and portaging up the hill to Bishopstowe Hall. Check out their website at

Entries for the 2020 Dusi are now open. We are using the new Canoeing SA system so entry is quick and easy here

Early bird entries are R1250 for seniors and R760 for juniors.

Speaking of Early Birds, if you get your entry in before midnight on Monday 28 October your name will go into a draw for the Early Bird entry competition, for a Gara ODIN Split paddle, a Free Dusi entry, a free spot in the Charity batch and 68 Hansas, to celebrate the 68th anniversary of this great race.

The Dusi Committee is here to organise this iconic race on your behalf.

We are ALWAYS keen to hear your opinion, comments, thoughts, suggestions and criticism.

Please drop me an email at and I promise you it will get our full attention.

Shane le Breton
Dusi Committee Chair