Side Chute rapids  Grade25  Risk3

9,1 km Spectator/Seconds: no Portage option: right bank
Lon 30.891235 Lat -29.719455
The river flows around a low, vegetation clad island that has become very overgrown. Follow the water left, under the tree in a narrow channel that gradually turns right as you skirt the island. Once out in the open there are two recommended lines through the broad rocky expanse that is Side Chute.
The popular line nowadays is to follow the flow of water that is opening of a new channel down the middle of the rapid by staying right as you come out of the channel. There are rocks everywhere and pre-emptive rudder work and draw strokes to keep the nose of your boat away from the rocks is more important than speed!
There is an old-school option for staying extreme left , picking your way through the rocks which is a workable option, but also requires decisive steering.

ProTipDreyerMartin Dreyer

Go left of the island, it’s not the obvious route as the majority of the water flows down the right and its only a quarter of the width of the river. Having taken the left hand split stay on the very left. GFXSideChute

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

If its low go left, medium go right and then paddle down the middle channel. Paddle
slowly to avoid hitting your nose on the rocks.