Umzinyathi rapids Grade25 Risk2

10,2 km Spectator/Seconds: yes  Portage option: right bank
Lon 30.904345 Lat -29.720232
A great spectator spot, Umzinyathi (the place of the Buffalo) is named after the tributary that comes in from the left, down the steep cliff face.
It is made up of three sections. First is a simple chicken run where the river bends down to the right. There follows an interesting and testing section of twists and turns over a series of drops and shelves which spills you into a pool where you meet a strong flow of water from the left. There is enough time to settle into your seats for the final section where the crowds are. Simply follow the water through two stopper waves.
There is a really elegant line that starts right of centre  in this final section and flows right before straightening out. This is a fast line because it skirts the first stopper

ProTipMcGregorHank McGregor

Follow the main flow, bomb down the wave train GFXUmzinyathi
ProTipDreyerMartin Dreyer Approach the rapid in the middle but angle left and exit left.