15-17 February 2024

Exciting new series adds spice to the Dusi season


As the summer paddling season hits full swing, the organisers of the 2021 MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon have launched a brand new Dusi Series which will see paddlers fight it out for overall honours in the three main pre-Dusi races and the Dusi Marathon itself from the 18th to 20 February.

Making up the trio of pre-Dusi races are the Clanfin Umpetha Challenge this weekend, the Lighthouse Design Ozzie Gladwin and the Kindo Covers Dash ‘n Crash and these races will all provide scoring opportunities for those contesting the Dusi Series.

“There is a substantial interest in the Dusi at the moment and this new series will provide an added layer to the competition amongst the elite athletes, and also add value to the races that the average paddlers choose to do as part of their Dusi preparations,” said Dusi committee head Shane Le Breton.

“We have always wanted to give paddlers the best value for money but also give them a safe environment to paddle in as they prepare for Dusi.

“We felt that there was a lot of value to be added for both paddlers and sponsors by creating this series and we’re excited for it to kick off with the Clanfin Umpetha Challenge this coming weekend.”

The Umpetha Challenge opens the series with 100 points on the line for the Grand Prix style points system. The breakdown sees the Ozzie Gladwin dish up 150 points for the winner while the Dash ‘n Crash offers 70 points for the first place and then the Dusi has the biggest point offering with 250 points on the line.

In total the winner could walk away with 570 points should they win all four of the races in the series.

“The added incentive is that there will be prize money on offer for the series and we are hoping that we can continue to refine the series after we go through it this year.

“It’s an exciting time for paddlers in the lead up to the Dusi and to capitalise on that in making a series that will re-energise paddling in KZN and give another incentive for paddlers to take part in all of the Dusi build-up races.

“We encourage all paddlers to get involved in the series because it’s a great, competitive way to prepare for the Dusi in February,’ Le Breton added.