15-17 February 2024

Cabbage Tree Portage

Cabbage Tree Portage

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance from start of the stage : 35.2km
Lat -29.642021 Lon 30.609694
Spectators/Seconds: Yes
Optional Portage

GFXCabbageTree350The top athletes will make a few precious seconds running Cabbage Tree, but for the bulk of the field this portage is only really an option if the river is low or if you have overtaken the water release, and you are will to run it hard. It crest a hill and uses road and path tracks to cut out a loop in the river.

The blessing of reliable water from Henley dam has made this a little used portage. If you have a broken boat, then this may be an option, if you still have strength in your legs!


Martin Dreyer

I would recommend that most of the field choose to paddle this one.

It is at the end of a day of many portages and it is only day one of a three day race.The top guys will lose about 3 minutes paddling rather than running but the bulk of the field would walk this one anyway and so those three minutes then no longer apply.

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

If you’re racing and you don’t run then you’re being silly. If you do paddle it’s a bit of a scary section if it’s full but there are some holes which are great fun and it’s quite easy to read the river.

It isn’t very technical at all, there are a few holes but you can see them.