15-17 February 2024

Campbell’s Farm portages

Campbell’s Farm Portage

Distance: 3,75km – 4,4km

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance from start of the stage : 13,8km
Lat -29.597775 Lon 30.450096
Spectators/Seconds: Yes
Optional Portage

GFXCampbells350The first big portage of the race, this portage cuts a long section that includes the huge Cascades. There are basically three options for this portage:
1. Braai Take out – 4,4km – the longest  but easiest option. An easy exit from the river where you can see some concrete braai furniture high on the bank. Starts with a flat section across the front of the canefields before the portage gets steeper and steeper as it goes through the canefields. Aim mentally for the big bluegum tree ; from there you can see you seconds and the crest of the hill.2.Silver pipe take out – 4,1km – shorter with a difficult takeout that take you straight into the steep ascent and meets up with the braai takeout route below the big bluegum tree. These two routes go through a gentle, fast downhill to the Bishopstowe tar road that take you up to Bishopstowe Hall and down back into the valley again.
3.Pines Portage – 3,75km – the shortest, newest and fastest option. Paddle some distance past the silver pipeline to the takeout which takes you through a shaded forest and up to the back of Bishopstowe Hall – watch your footing on the rickety wooden bridge.
All three converge for the last 1500m back to the river, where there is a great seconding station before the put in downstream of the bridge.

Martin Dreyer

Campbell’s is 1km longer than Pine Trees but a good runner should definitely do Campbell’s. It is tougher, longer and the summit is 50 meters higher than Pine Trees but the surface is better and will allow a good runner to make up over a minute.

For the majority of the field
though I would suggest doing Pine Trees as it is shorter and most will walk this portage anyway so the surface is irrelevant.

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

If you’re serious about your Dusi and have any faith in your running then you have to run
this. Train hard on this aspect to limit the strain on the body.

Most of the field will walk this though so then the shorter Pine Trees option is probably best.