16-18 February 2023

Charity Batch Application


1. Bidding will close at 15h00 sharp on Thursday 10th February 2022. (Initial batches will be out)
2. There are 60 boats only in the Charity Batch, which will be H1 Batch and H2 Batch starting at 07:00am and 07:10am on the first day.
3. The minimum bid is R1000.00. The allocation of places in the two charity batches will be done by the bid PER PADDLER (right hand “Ave per paddler” column here).
4. You may only bid for a place in the Charity Batch once you have entered and paid your full race entry for yourself and your partner(s).
5. Successful bidders will be contacted by email on 11th February 2022 and asked for their full payment for their Charity Batch Bid within 48 hours.
6. If your payment is not received within 48 hours, it will immediately invalidate your bid and it will be removed from the Charity Batch. The highest unsuccessful bidder will then be contacted and offered a place in the Charity Batch.
7. All bids that are not paid in full will result in that boat being batched in the last batch.
8. Failure to follow these rules or the verification of bids, will render a bid immediately invalid and it will be removed from the bidding process.

Questions and Queries: please contact DUCT on email: info@duct.org.za or telephone +27 (0)33 345 7571 or 076 240 0970