15-17 February 2024

Covid-19 Rules

National Covid-19 Regulations do not allow spectators at any sporting event.

Paddlers will require SUPPORT CREW (seconds). Whilst normal seconding is permitted down the route there are specific HIGH RISK areas where crowds generally gather. For this reason each paddler will be issued with 2 silicon wristband accreditations. One PADDLER and one SUPPORT CREW accreditation. These are to be worn in order to access these specific areas which include; START and FINISH ZONES and HIGH-RISK areas (eg: Ernie Pearce Weir/West Street Bridge, YMCA, Mission, Marriany-Foley, Molweni – a full list to be published in the Race Rules).

In order to reduce crowds only a single SUPPORT CREW may access THESE AREAS to assist a paddler, if necessary. Should a paddler not require assistance we request that the support crew remain out of these areas. C19 Compliance Officers may request that you leave an area due to the mass of people being exceeded, please comply immediately failing which the venue in question or event may be shut down.

If you change your second during the event they will need to pass the band on.

Please remember to sanitize the armband before passing it on.