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2014D1Portage 10 October 2016

Dear Dusi Paddler,


Welcome to the first Newsletter for the 2017 FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon.

We are really looking forward to a SUPER race in 2017. At the moment, Canoeing fever is at an all-time high after the ICF Canoe Marathon World Champs in Germany. How awesome was Team South Africa!!?? 18 medals, Double World Champion, 1st and 2nd in the Men’s K1, and the Men’s Team won the Trophy for Most Points in Kayak category making them No. 1 Team in the World!!! FANTASTIC!!

I hear you thinking…. How does that impact on the Dusi?? Well, the 2017 World Champs is in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg in case you didn’t know. And LOADS of paddlers are coming out of the woodwork for that. So what better place to get back into the boat and raise your fitness levels than Dusi??


Last year we saw the worst drought in 40 years hit South Africa. KZN rivers and dams were also severely affected, making the KZN river season in the build-up to Dusi one that people would rather forget.

HOWEVER, we still managed to get GREAT water for Dusi. There are a number of reasons for this. What we must remember is that we can (or should always be able to) guarantee a release from Henley Dam. That will get us through Day 1 and Day 2 even in the worst conditions. We just have to manage Day 3 as best we can. Dusi will always happen no matter the conditions.

So, don’t get caught out this year! Dusi is an epic adventure and challenge. Commit yourself NOW, and accept the challenge.


We have just concluded our first round of meetings with our major sponsors. So much excitement!!! Our sponsors have some fantastic new ideas and competitions for you the paddler and spectator to add value to your experience.

FNB will be in their second year of Title Sponsorship and they are PUMPED!!! #WeGetWhyYouPaddle is now really at the forefront of their planning. FNB Banking Clients are set to be really spoiled this year….

HANSA will be supporting the Dusi for the 30th Year in 2017. Can you believe that? They have always been a loyal and committed partner of canoeing around the country, and are looking to do some BIG things on their 30th Anniversary, including an international trip for 1 lucky winner and a few friends!

So….as I always say….. YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!


We believe Dusi is a unique race that demands different skills and fitness abilities. That is why we use “Dusi Type” races for front row seeding and our batching process. This is going to be a challenging process this year after so many early season races have been cancelled or postponed.

If you don’t have a “Dusi Type” race in your area, maybe this is a chance for you and some mates to organize one??

We urge you to look at the website and PLAN your season carefully if you want a good Dusi seeding or batch. Details of qualifying and seeding races are on the website at www.dusi.co.za


The FNB Dusi Team will be on the road during October and November, coming to a canoe club near you in Gauteng and KZN. Keep an eye on the press and social media for dates and times at your closest Canoe Club.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of the Dusi legends, and find out more about what we have planned for 2017.

Not to forget that there are GREAT prizes and vouchers to be won at these events. Paddle vouchers, Hansa, paddling kit, FNB goodies and much, much more!!! See you there!


We will be opening entries towards the middle of November. Looking forward to seeing YOUR name on an entry form.

In the meantime……

Train hard and enjoy the privilege of paddling on our rivers and dams.


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