15-17 February 2024

Final Instructions

Note: The general race rules have been revised and simplified. Pease ensure that you have read these rules and are familiar with any changes.



At present there are still National Covid-19 Regulations at sporting events.
In order that our Start and Finish zones don’t get to capacity with outside spectators we have had to do the following.

Paddlers will require SUPPORT CREW (seconds). Whilst normal seconding is permitted down the route there are specific HIGH RISK areas where crowds generally gather. For this reason each paddler will be issued with 3 silicon armband accreditations. One PADDLER  and two SUPPORT CREW accreditation. These are to be worn in order to access START and FINISH ZONES.

Children under the age of 12, will be permitted with an adult and will not need a band.

Please remember that masks are still compulsory.

Covid-19 Compliance Officers may request that you leave an area due to the mass of people being exceeded, please comply immediately failing which the venue in question or event may be shut down.

If you change your SUPPORT CREW / SECOND during the event they will need to pass the band on. Please remember to sanitize the armband before passing it on.

ARMBANDS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES IN THESE AREAS. Anyone not wearing an armband will be instructed to leave the area immediately.



Paddlers are urged that river safety is the primary responsibility of the paddlers themselves. The policy of the Dusi Committee is NOT to mark any rapids. Paddlers are encouraged to paddle according to their known skill levels and to shoot rapids according to their level of ability.

All of the known dangerous rapids have recognized portages around them. The take outs for known portages at the identified danger points only will be marked with different coloured banners. Yellow will mark an obstacle where the portage is optional, but advisable if the paddler is uncertain; and Red for compulsory portages.


Please note that rescue and safety marshals at rapids are not there to instruct the paddlers on which line to take and will only give instructions on safety issues and must be obeyed without question.


It is the organizing committee’s intention to continue with the practice of holding the paddlers responsible for the actions of their seconds. Apart from serious offences, the practice of relegating the paddlers associated with offending seconds to the last batch on Day’s 2 and 3, for minor offences committed on Days 1 and 2, will continue. Please make sure that your seconds understand the rules and follow them. In particular, obey instructions from race marshals promptly and without argument.


From the 2007 race this route via Table Mountain has been open to seconds. This is not a fast route but will cut out the traffic jams in town. Drive carefully as the roads are narrow and winding and there are lots of people about. Study THE DUSI CANOE MARATHON Map for directions.

Note: No seconders or spectators are permitted at the top of Geoff’s Rd (near the water table), and no spectators or seconds are permitted between the top of Geoff’s Rd and the new bridge at Mboyi School.


Please be sure that your seconds understand and obey the “Parking on the Left Hand Side of the road facing down-stream only” rule. This goes a long way in preventing congestion and allowing smooth passage of oncoming local traffic particularly busses and taxis. Always travel downstream and never block either driveways or portages.


The women’s race will be run in accordance with the current CSA ruling. Please note the changes.


A Women’s batch will be in place on Day 1 – C Batch WITH ALL K2 WOMEN’S SEEDED BOATS

Boats seeded in this batch may not ride the waves of boats from any other batch on Day 1.

The other K1 and K2 women will be entered into their equivalent batches further down the field and may ride any wave.

On Day 2 the women’s boats will be seeded as they fall in the field based on the results of the preceding day.

On Day 3 the Women’s K2’s within 30min of the leading Woman will be started in their own Elapsed Time at 10:00am

On Day 2 and 3 there is no restriction on wave riding, save that clear collusion with a stronger men’s team to drag a woman’s boat through the field will be penalized.


Where the rules state that a section of river is “compulsory paddling”, this means you MUST BE IN THE WATER. This means you can paddle up to an obstacle and portage around the obstacle and put back in immediately below the obstacle. You may not shorten the course in any way by portaging.


Various Sponsors and advertising stickers will be provided in the Goodie Bag. It is the paddler’s responsibility to ensure that all the stickers provided are displayed on the boat and paddles as indicated at registration. ALL stickers provided are COMPULSORY.

The Dusi race stickers for the front of the Boat must be displayed on either side of the front Deck. NO other stickers (apart from the CSA race number) may be displayed in front of the front tip of the front cockpit.


Posters and pictures of the layout of official Dusi and Sponsors race stickers are exhibited at registration.

Race BIBS will be provided for all paddlers and must be fixed to the FRONT and BACK of the lifejacket. These may not be altered in any way.

Paddlers MUST ensure that they display Dusi and sponsors stickers in accordance with these layouts. Stickers may not be altered in any way. Failure to display these stickers appropriately may result in disciplinary action as detailed herein.


Please will all paddlers make themselves aware of the boat and equipment branding rules for the Dusi. The Dusi organizing committee of KwaZulu-Natal Canoe Club have a contractual obligation to their sponsors to see that these rules are conformed to and by entering the race all paddlers have agreed to abide by these rules. There will be careful checking of all boats and equipment at the pounds and any branding that contravenes the rules will have to be removed. The RACE rules and regulations on sponsor branding as pertaining to THE DUSI CANOE MARATHON 2022 are on the Dusi website.


It is the paddler’s responsibility to ensure that their boats are the correct weight during the entire event. Boats will be weight at the end of each day by the official weigh master.

The official event scale and weigh master will be available to check kayak weights between 8.00am and 12.00pm on the day of registration.

Please check the website for full details of this rule.


It is the paddlers responsibility to ensure that their boat conforms to the event branding rules. Boats will NOT be scrutineered and/or “signed off”.


A Race Rules meeting will be held from 10.00am on the 16h February 2022 at KNCC (Dusi Pavilion).

All paddlers seeded in A Batch on Day 1, Top 10 women’s and top 5 Boys and Girls seeded boats, are required to attend.

Paddlers who are unable to attend this meeting must provide written notice of their unavailability to info@dusi.co.za before 4.00pm on the day before registration.

Non-attendance, for any reason whatsoever, of this meeting will not constitute an excuse in the case of disciplinary action during the course of the event.


A media briefing will be held at 11.00am on the 16th February at KNCC.

All paddlers that are obliged to attend the race rules meeting are required to remain at KNCC for the media, unless instructed by the Media officer that they are not required.

Non-attendance of the media briefing may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the rules of the event.

Paddlers who are unable to attend this briefing must provide written notice of their unavailability to info@dusi.co.za before 4.00pm on the day before registration.


The first day batching is based on the Dusi Seeding Rules as advertised Seeding Races. Position within the A Batch rows is by random draw.


A number of paddlers seconding crews have been ignoring the seconding rules. These will be strictly enforced, with paddlers of offending seconders being penalized.

Seconders may NOT second anywhere on the uphill slope of Nqumeni portage – from the take out to the top of the first hill.

Seconders will be allowed to assist paddlers at the Burma Road takeout, but seconders will NOT be allowed to follow their paddlers into the bush. Basically, seconders may provide a change of bottle at the take out.


  1. A BATCH.

Seeded row paddlers will have received special stickers indicating their row and their drawn position in that row. Start procedure for A Batch will be as follows:






– Cannon will follow, but, is NOT the official starting signal.

The start lines consist of two rows of buoys approximately 10 meters apart. The first seeded row lines up behind the front row of buoys with No.1 on the far (left) side of the river.

The second row lines up in the same way behind the second row of buoys and the rest of the batch behind them.

From the time the paddlers are called up to the start lines by the starter they are under starters orders and he/she may start the race as soon as he/she is satisfied that the rows are straight.

NOTE: Paddlers must ensure that they are lined up BEHIND the buoys, with a clear space between the nose of their boat and the buoy. Any paddler who has his nose past the line of buoys when the race is started will immediately be penalized 2 minutes.

If a competitor commences paddling after the word “Ready” and before the word “Go”, he or she has made a false start.

A competitor who attempts to start before any instruction is deemed to have made an unfair start.

A competitor who attempts a false or unfair start will be warned.

A second warning will result in the imposition of two minute penalty.

A third warning will result in the competitor’s disqualification from the event.

A disqualified competitor must leave the water immediately. Cameras will be used.

  1. The rest of the batches will be allowed onto the water as soon as the preceding batch has been started and will be called up to a single line almost immediately. i.e. Very little warm up time will be allowed on the water.
  2. First day special batches are as follows.

A Batch – K2’s – 06h00 – Approximately 60 boats with 2 seeded rows of 20 boats each.

C Seeded Women – K1’s – 06h20 – Approximately 16 boats.

D SUPER_RATS – K1’s & K2s – 06h25 – 8 boats with paddlers who have completed 40 or more Dusi’s.

F 26+Dusis – K1’s & K2s – 06h40 – boats with paddlers who have completed 26 or more Dusi’s.

G Charity Batch – K1’s & K2’s – 06h50 – the 60 top bids from the Charity auction

H 20+Dusis – K1’s & K2s – 06h40 – boats with paddlers who have completed 20 or more Dusi’s.

Thereafter batches of between 20 and 30 boats down to M Batch at 07h50 with mixed K1’s and K2’s.


Batches for Day 2 will be SMS’d, displayed in the INFO tent and placed on the website, on the evening of Day 1.

The procedure will be a Standing and Le Mans combination start except that all the Elapsed time paddlers must start in the water in their boats and paddle to the portage at Dusi Bridge.

06:00 – 07:00.    Elapsed time start for all the K2’s within 1 hour of the leader.

07:05         A batch 40 boats. Thereafter batches of 40 boats at 10 minute intervals. All boats will be batched according to first day times. There will be no K1’s in elapsed time or A Batch. Batch stickers will be issued at the starting pounds from 05h00. There will be three pounds used progressively, listen for instructions from the starter. The 26+Year/, Charity batches and 20+ Year batch will start in D,E and F batches respectively.


Starts will be conducted in two groups.

At 06:00 B Batch of 30 boats will go off first. Thereafter batches of 30 boats at 5 minute intervals. All boats will be batched according to their overall race times from Day 1 and 2. NOTE THE HALVING OF BATCH SIZE ON DAY 3 TO HELP AVOID CONGESTION AT TOP’S

At 10h00 WOMEN’S ELASED TIME will run for all the women’s K2’s within 30min of the leading Woman’s K2. At 10h30 MEN’S ELAPSED TIME will start for all the Men’s K2’s within 1 hour of the leading Man’s K2, followed at 11h35 by A Batch. There will be no K1’s in elapsed time or A Batch. If necessary potential category prize winning boats will be moved from A or B batch to make sure the top 3 are one batch.

At the Blue Lagoon finish, slower paddlers are asked to keep left and let faster paddlers overtake on the right hand side.


There will be a prize giving at the end of the MyLfie Dusi this year.

At approx. 3pm

Special trophies and silver medals etc will be read out only

All category places (1st 2nd 3rd) will be getting their medals at the prizegiving

Please try and be there and be ready to come up to the stage quickly


  • Shane le Breton
  • Mike Coetzer
  • John Oliver
  • Doug Gow
  • Brad Glasspoole
  • Kelly Howe


From 2019 onwards paddlers will be required to portage off the road, behind the crash barriers on the right hand side of the road. This route has been cleared and will be marked and marshalled.


A line of 4 buoys has been placed before Ernie Pearce weir to align paddlers in the approach to Ernie Pearce Weir.

ALL paddlers must pass to the LEFT of ALL the buoys (leaving the buoys on your right hand side).

Should you miss a buoy for whatever reason, ICF Marathon rules will apply – you must turn around or reverse and go inside the buoy.

Failure to adhere to the rules may result in time penalties or disqualification.


It is possible that the water will not be flowing sufficiently over Low Level Bridge for this to be paddled over safely.

In the event of the Organisers deciding that the water level at Low Level Bridge is dangerous, this MAY be made a compulsory portage.

If Low Level Bridge is made a compulsory portage, this announcement will be made at the START of the race, and the following rule will apply

Paddlers will have to take out on the left hand bank approximately 200m upstream of Low Level Bridge. The take-out will be marked with a RED flag, and will be marshalled. No paddler may paddle under the tape marking the lower edge of the take-out.

Paddlers will run along the left hand bank and CROSS OVER low level bridge, to put in on the right hand bank.

Paddlers may put in on the DOWNRIVER side of the bridge if they wish, however, marshals may eliminate this option if deemed too dangerous.

Please obey Marshals at all times on this portage.


Nqumeni portage is compulsory. Paddlers may use the old “early” take out for Nqumeni, and once they reach the top of the hill, they may cross straight over the road and follow an EXISTING path down the hill. They may also turn right and follow the gravel road down the hill. Paddlers may NOT cut any new paths on any part of Nqumeni Hill. The take-out further downstream that was created more recently may also be used, and paddlers may follow the road back to the river above Gum Tree Rapid.


Burma Road portage has been removed from the 2022 Dusi course and is no longer an option on Day 3.

The rules are therefore as follows:

  • Compulsory paddling from the Start to the Dam Wall.
    • Compulsory portage from the Dam Wall take-out (left hand bank) to the bridge.
    • Compulsory paddling from the end of the dam portage to the race finish at Blue Lagoon. Paddlers must stay in the water, save that competitors may portage major rapids for safety reasons in high water conditions..
    • Competitors may portage the Pump House Weirs.
    • There will be a strict cut-off at Pump House Weir at 15:00.
    • There will be a strict cut-off at the N2 Bridge at 17:00.


DAY 3: LOW RIVER: The rules for the THIRD day will be as follows.

  1. Compulsory paddling from the start to the dam wall.
  2. Compulsory portage from the Dam Wall take-out to the Bridge below the dam wall.
  3. From here there is an optional portage along the tar road all the way to the demarcated point on the road at Umzinyathi. For safety reasons no vehicles may stop along this section of road.
  4. From here you may either paddle or portage on the right hand bank to the old Burma Take Out pool.
  5. Burma Road portage is out of bounds.
  6. From here you may run or paddle to the old Burma Road put in.
  7. From the old Burma Road put in it is compulsory paddling to the Finish at Blue Lagoon


It is possible that the Race Committee may decide to allow “low-level rules”. If this decision is made, it will be announced at the start of each day TO WHICH LOW LEVEL RULES are applicable.

If an announcement is NOT made on any given day, low level rules will NOT apply to that day, even if they applied for previous day/s.


The appendices 1 & 2 attached hereto will be applied for the 2022 MYLIFE DUSI CANOE MARATHON.


  1. Bags for litter will be issued to the campers and plenty of refuse containers will be available. Please use them. They will be collected each morning and removed from the valley.
  2. Boat Repairs. Boats may be repaired in the boat pounds at each of the overnight stops. As there is only on onsite repair station this year, boats may be taken home for repair. Boats may be professionally repaired. Changing of boats is strictly forbidden in all canoe races – You must finish the race in the same boat that you started in.
  3. Seconding stickers. Seconding car stickers are to be issued again this year. Seconding vehicles must have the numbered sticker stuck to the windshield. Press, officials and organizers will be issued with personal accreditation cards as well as vehicle stickers. Access to certain parts of the camps will be restricted to card holders and seconds with car stickers.
  4. Temporary Weirs. There are still some temporary weirs and bridges in various places on the Umgeni, especially in the area of Mbeje’s Store on the 2nd Instructions have been given for their removal, but if they are still in place when you reach them, they will be marked and marshaled. Please obey the safety instructions given by the marshals.




Please note that CSA Branding and Sponsorship rules are limited to the following

CSA Rules and Regulations

6.1. Race organizers must stipulate any specific requirements or exclusions regarding advertising clearly, and in detail, as part of their Race/Event Rules. All sanctions and ramifications of non compliance to the specific rules must also be clearly stated.
6.2 The paddler by entering the race/event accepts these stipulated conditions and must abide by them.
6.3 It is the responsibility of the Race Organizers to enforce the rules of their races and impose sanctions.
6.4 The above (advertising issues) will not impact or be the responsibility of CSA nor those juries and officials appointed for the governance of SA Championship events.
6.5 All advertising material must be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with competitors’ identification and does not affect the outcome of the race.

and the rules below are the race rules for THE DUSI CANOE MARATHON and will be enforced by the race officials.

    Each paddler shall:

    • Stick sponsors or event stickers, if provided,  to the back of each paddle blade;
    • Wear a race bib, if provided;
    • Stick sponsors or event stickers, if provided, on each side of the canoe, along the seam in front of the cockpit;
    • Boat stickers may not be altered in any way.
    • Wear a sponsors or event cap, if provided, when interviewed by the media.
  • Sponsors branding has exclusivity in the following instances (sponsors only area):
    • On the front deck and hull of the kayak in front of the front tip of the cockpit.
  • Personal sponsorship, which is not in conflict with the event sponsors, may be displayed in the following areas (shared area):
    • On the back of the paddle blade, provided it doesn’t cover any part of the event or sponsors sticker/s provided.
    • On the lifejacket and splash cover, provided this does not obscure any part of the event or sponsor/s bibs provided.
  • The paddler may apply personal branding without restriction in the following areas:
    • On the deck of the kayak behind the front cockpit;
    • On the side of the kayak behind the front cockpit line;
    • On the paddle shaft;
    • On the paddling shorts and socks of the competitor.
    • Headgear between the start and finish of each day. Sponsors headgear, if provided, must be worn during all media and other interviews.
  • Wearing of club colours by all paddlers is strongly encouraged. However, paddlers may wear any clothing they choose unless an event or sponsors paddling top is provided, in which case ALL paddlers must wear such provided clothing.
  • The onus rests on the paddler to ensure that he or she complies strictly with these rules.
  • Breach of these advertising/ sponsorship rules will result in the paddler:
    • Forfeiting any prize money to which he or she may have been entitled;
    • Risking disqualification and suspension from future Dusi’s;
    • Receiving such further penalty as The Dusi organisers consider appropriate.


  1. Race committee

The race committee shall comprise 3 of the following:

  • Shane le Breton                                                                
  • Mike Coetzer
  • John Oliver
  • Doug Gow
  • Brad Glasspoole
  • Kelly Waterworth

In the case of a member of the race committee being unavailable for any reason whatsoever, the race committee may elect a member of the Jury to the race committee.

  1. Race committee functions

The race committee shall:

  • Hear any protest lodged by a competitor and deal with any dispute between competitors;
  • Hear the opinion of any race official who reports any improper behavior / breach of rules by a competitor or second;
  • Decide whether the race rules, read with the ICF marathon rules have been infringed;
  • Impose such penalties, including disqualification, as they consider appropriate; and
  • Notify the competitor in writing of the penalty, giving brief reasons, and noting the time and date of notification.
  1. Protests

Protests relating to an incident in the race must be submitted to John Oliver in writing within 1 (one) hour (or such longer period as the race committee may allow) of the last of the competitors involved in the incident completing the course for that day or retiring.  Any protest must be accompanied by a fee of R200.00, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

Anybody, or persons, submitting a protest must remain at the race venue until such time as the race committee, and or race jury, have heard the protest and have given permission for the protestors to leave the valley. In the event of the protestor/s not being present for any hearings, the race committee or jury may dismiss the protest at their discretion.

  1. Appeals

Competitors have the right to appeal to the race jury against a decision of the race committee.  Any appeal shall be submitted in writing to John Oliver within 1 (one) week of the competitor being notified of the race committee’s decision, and, shall be accompanied by a fee of R200.00, which will be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

  1. Race jury

The race jury shall comprise any three of the following:

  • Nigel Tatham
  • Brian Kurz
  • Tim Cornish
  • Hayley Nixon               
  • Trevor Gorven                
  • Paul Firman