15-17 February 2024

Gauging Weir

Gauging Weir



Distance from start of the stage : 13.1km
Lat -29.640511 Lon 30.690748
Spectators/Seconds: Yes
Portage option: Left hand bank

GFXGaugingWeirThis new weir needs to be treated with some respect. There is a quick and easy portage at a good watering point on the left hand bank.

If there is enough water in the uMngeni spilling over the sloping sides of the weir, then it can me be easily and safely shot down the left hand side of the weir – it drops into a deep pool with very little suckback.

If the river is lower, then all the water flows down the main face of the weir. This option has become 100% viable since a low level causeway was constructed just below the weir, significantly raising the level of the river below the weir. Shoot it straight, down the centre, slowly. Simple!


Martin Dreyer

This has also become a lot easier to negotiate in recent times because 200 metres below the low level road has raised the level of the river by a foot. If you choose to shoot it then do so right of middle and keep the boat straight in medium to full levels but if its low then angle your boat at 45 degrees. The best option is to portage though.

There are two concrete ‘fingers’ either side of the main stream – its quickest on the right finger. Paddle to the right of the right hand finger, get out on the finger, walk across the wall which is often dry and put in below the weir. There is also a very nice seconding table on the left bank though so this is another option to consider.

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

The dynamics have changed a bit here so this is quite nice now because of the bridge 200metres below and so the water level has increased a bit.

I’d say go down the right, about 1.5metres from the right hand pillar. K1s can go straight down but K2s should angle to the left.