15-17 February 2024

Ibis Point

Ibis Point Rapid



Distance from start of the stage : 12km
Lat -29.638560 Lon 30.693772
Spectators/Seconds: No
Portage option: Left hand/Right hand bank

GFXSlideIbisAlso known as: Willems Chute, Willems Chute portage

Ibis point is nasty, and for the purposes of this race it is unrunnable. 90% of the field take out on the gently sloping granite for the portage through the bush at Willems Chute, which is slow and awkward but safe.

It takes careful homework but it is possible to bypass this portage by paddling slowly and carefully into the right hand channel which winds and drops through rocks skirting Ibis Point. This will eventually run out and you will have to get out and clamber over the last few rocks to put in where the portagers get back down to the river.

Do not be tempted to take what looks like an option into deeper water on the left of this channel as it will take you into the main drop of Ibis Point and great danger!

Martin Dreyer

The racing option is to take out above The Slide, portage Willem’s and put in below Ibis, but if time isn’t an issue this is lots of fun and then portage on the left before Ibis Point.

The other option is to shoot Willem’s when it is full and then halfway down take the right hand split which comes out just below Ibis. No matter what don’t ever try shoot Ibis!

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

It’s a very easy, short portage on the right. You do a bit of boulder hopping but just drag the boat if it gets a bit much.