15-17 February 2024

John Oliver Dusi Series

Dusi paddlers have the chance to earn two medals for finishing the 2024 Dusi Canoe Marathon with the introduction of the exciting new John Oliver Dusi Series, that incorporates key pre-Dusi events as well as the iconic three-day race to Durban.

The new series will consist of the 50 Miler, Inanda to Durban, Ozzie Gladwin and Campbell’s to Duzi Bridge and conclude with the three-day Dusi Canoe Marathon. To qualify for a finishers medal, paddlers simply need to finish all five events.

Appropriately, the new series has been named in honour of one of KZNCU’s and South Africa’s most loyal servants, well-known timekeeper and long-time race official, John Oliver. The medal that will be presented to all finishers depicts the famous bearded face of John Oliver.

Event Dates

Ozzie Gladwin: Jan 14
SMG 50 Miler: Jan 20
Inanda Dam to Durban: Jan 21
Campbells to Dusi Bridge: Feb 4
Dusi Canoe Marathon: Feb 15-17