15-17 February 2024

Low Level bridge

Low Level Bridge



Distance from start of the stage : 7,8km
Lat -29.602253 Lon 30.413365
Spectators/Seconds: Yes
Portage option: Right hand bank

Lon 30.415932- Lat -29.602305
A few hundred metres after Highway rapid the river is crossed by a tar low level bridge. At the usual race level there is around 10cm to 15cm going over the top of the bridge, enough to be able to slide over.
But be aware, in a lower level the bridge is dangerous and must be portaged as the risks associated with getting socked under the bridge are very high.
At standard race levels approach the bridge 2/3rds right – there are often divers and spectators to assist with the deepest line over the bridge. The key is speed. Take it at full speed, brace briefly as you slide over the edge and paddle away. It is easy to recover from a swim here.

Martin Dreyer

Divide the bridge in half and then aim for the middle of the right hand half & make sure you take some speed into it.

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

Make sure your boat is straight when you approach it so that you don’t bend your rudder. There is more water on the right and it’s a bit lower so this is where I’d suggest you aim for.