15-17 February 2024

Marianni Foley causeway

Marianni-Foley Causeway



Distance from start of the stage : 14.1km
Lat -29.650958 Lon 30.684579
Spectators/Seconds: Yes
Portage option: Left hand/Right hand bank

Also known as: Foley-MariannyGFXMarianniFoley

The exact halfway point of the overall race, this is the first real place to see you seconds on Day Two, where it is worth having spare paddles at hand after the carnage of Confluence.

Over the years the main flow of the river has changed at this old causeway. From a line that flowed straight down river right (this option is still there), the main flow now meanders left and then straightens under the left of centre section of the causeway. The waterflow is not straight under the bridge, and as is the case with any narrow bridge, it requires fast, confident paddling top avoid getting pinned against one of the bridge pillars.

The best line is the second opening from the right in the main flow of the river. There are lifesavers on hand here to help extricate paddlers from the inevitable wraps on the bridge pillars. Then follow the flow of the river right and into a rollercoaster section of fun river that covers several kilometres.

Martin Dreyer

I prefer to take the left hand option and then shoot through the very right hand tunnel of low level bridge.

As you’re dropping through the tunnel make sure you hug the inside channel.

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

After going under the bridge stay in the middle where most of the water is.

The bigger channel is always better and there’s not too much that challenging there. The channels afterwards are a bit of a maze but just go slowly and pick your way through carefully.