15-17 February 2024

Musson’s Weir

Mussons Weir


Distance from start of the stage : 6,6km
Lat -29.601398 Lon 30.403566
Spectators/Seconds: Yes
Portage option: Right hand bank

GFXMussonsAlso known as: Musson’s rapid
Shortly after you have paddled past Merchiston school the river makes a sharp right hand turn leading into a 100m long small rapid leading up to Musson’s weir. The actual weir which used to be a major feature in the city many years ago has been destroyed and what we shoot is the rocky shelf that the original weir was built on.
There are three options to shoot Musson’s weir.
1.Just right of centre, access more from the right of the river than centre, is a tight channel through thick grass and vegetation that drops off quite steeping. This is the popular route and often the site of some considerable congestion so watch for clues from the spectators if someone is tuck in this channel. Go very slowly, Starting off on the right, taking care to keep the nose of your boat out of the grass. You will be bumped left and right a little, simply go where the water takes you. Grabbing hold of a tuft of grass wont you at all!
2.Further right there is similar rocky and grassy channel that requires a very similar cautious approach but is actually cleaner and a little easier, and often less congested. Stay left of centre.
3.In a medium to full river there is an exciting option to shoot Mussons on the left. This line has changed from the extreme left to a centre line down the left hand channel where a surprisingly easy tongue develops. Be sure to land pointing right otherwise there is a real risk of getting stuck in the eddie at the bottom of the rapid

Centre/Right line

Right line

Left line

Martin Dreyer

There are 3 options and my preferred line is down the middle. It’s very narrow so you can’t go too fast, rather just let water take you through. If there are other boats ahead of you though then consider going right in case they get stuck.



ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

Most people go right and a few go left but the middle is also a safe option. Just go slowly and let the water throw you from side to side, don’t try fight it.