15-17 February 2024

Nqumeni Hill portage

Nqumeni Hill portage

Difficulty: Severe
Distance from start of the stage : 17.6km
Lat -29.672247 Lon 30.711464
Spectators/Seconds: No
Compulsory Portage

GFXNqumeniThis portage cuts out the unrunnable Mamba Gorge cataract and in recent years has been altered to be shorter and a lot more manageable.

From the takeout the path heads onto a tight route through the bush up the steep hill. At the crest of the climb it drops into a bushy hollow before exiting onto an excellent dirt road that take you to the bottom of the hill, where you branch off onto a good path down to the river, and another very good watering point.

This is your last chance to drink or top up your fluids before the dam, so take full advantage of it.


Martin Dreyer

There is only one option here and if you’re unsure rather ask others around you.

It is very steep so don’t run it, rather walk and make sure you refuel at this stage and where you can drag your boat.

ProTipBirkettAndy Birkett

This is one of the steepest hills, even steeper than Burma. Just take it slowly, walk and get to the top and then drag the rest of the way and recover.

Once you get to the bottom only get into the river at the seconding table to avoid a couple of really nasty rapids.