15-17 February 2024

The Slide rapid

The Slide Rapid



Distance from start of the stage : 11.8km
Lat -29.636743 Lon 30.692539
Spectators/Seconds: Yes
Portage option: Left hand bank

GFXSlideIbisAt the takeout for the optional Willem’s Chute portage on the right hand bank the uMngeni hurls itself over a massive granite shelf in the grandest rapid of the race. In full conditions it generates a nasty wave at the bottom but at most levels it is shootable and quite exhilarating! It is unsighted so take heed of any advice from the lifesavers on site.

Approach it between the two massive granite rocks, aiming to enter just to the right of a small square “Step” in the shelf that is usually visible, and often has a tuft of grass growing on it. Once onto the slide, the water is often quite shallow and you slide over the granite, pointing left all the time. Once into the pool at the bottom paddle away strongly to stay clear of a few big rocks in the pool, and then head left to exit the river before you enter Ibis Point rapid which is at the end of the pool.

John Edmonds championed a line down the extreme right of The Slide in very fill conditions where you slide over a series of steps clear of the big water of the main rapid

Martin Dreyer

If time isn’t an issue this is lots of fun! Shoot it down the middle and then portage on the left before Ibis Point.

ProTipMcGregorHank McGregor

Be careful not to go too fast, keep your paddles out of water so ready to brace or compensate for a bad line